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This policy is issued in respect of the Health & Safety at Work Order 1978.

It is the policy of T Valley Construction Ltd that its operations are executed always in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including Sub-contractors, and members of the public. This document, therefore, applies to everyone, engaged or contracted by this firm.

The Firm as far as is reasonably practicable provide and keep in safe and sound repair all tools, plant, equipment and protective clothing. We will regularly check, repair and/or replace such equipment found defective.

The Firm wishes to draw the attention of everyone concerned to their duty under the Order to take all reasonable care for the Health & Safety of themselves, and all others who may be affected by their acts, or omissions at work. This applies to all who are employed, engaged or contracted by this firm.

Everyone must always take reasonable care and use of any plant, tools, equipment and protective clothing provided. Report any defective, broken of faulty tools, equipment and protective gear to the Foreman or the Health and Safety Officer named on the project management team.

The Firm recommends everyone wears suitable safety boots and clothing.

Everyone must avoid any reckless behaviour and any improvisation of work, which entails risks.

First Aid Boxes are situated in the site office and the First Aider on this project is


Safety helmets must be worn always where there is a risk of head injuries.

Only trained and competent operators are permitted to use plant machinery with authorization of the proprietor.

It is also recognised that where we produce articles and substances for use at work, or we erect or install any plant or equipment, we have a duty to ensure the Health and Safety of those who use them and make available all the required information for their Health and Safety.
Therefore, we provide so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • A safe system of work
  • Safe plant and equipment
  • Safe means of handling, transporting articles, substances and people
  • Adequate training, instruction, information and supervision
  • A safe place of work with safe access and egress
  • A safe and healthy environment
  • Adequate welfare facilities

We will review and update the policy as and when necessary particularly in respect of major changes within T Valley Construction Ltd and/or changes in legislation and bring theses changes to the attention of all employees.

We will ensure that the policy is monitored in the workplace.

Please note that the full contents of the Health and Safety file are available for inspection on each project. Anyone wishing to inspect same should contact the site foreman.

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